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★★★You find a excellent supplier is just need this article...

I wanna write this kind of blog for a long time, just talk about quality and price. Few days ago, there is a customer who come from Turkey to inquiry cemented carbide inserts, then he makes me have the source of inspiration to write the blog. ( In order to protect the customer’s privacy that I make a virtual name of Alan).

Alan is a very representative customer who met in our sales, he is a dealer with huge demand for the products, and very familiar of Chinese market. Most dealer concerned the questions is similar, so in order to save our time, I would like to answer you together, also include the ending user question.

A) After the brief introduce of each other, Alan start inquiry price of our carbide inserts. Price should be one of the two main questions which concern by purchase person ( another one is quality). No matter for which reason that you send the inquiry, that question must be mention. There have 4 ways to inquiry:

1) Firstly, I wanna to praise Alan’s inquiry method, that inquiry few typical types for CNC carbide inserts, no less and no to much. As we know Alan’s demand not just these types, but as a rich experienced purchase man, he would know our price system that once I quote for these few inserts.

2) Inquiry the indicated type, usually ask 1-5 types. Although haven’t huge quantity like dealer, but is easy to communicate and very professional with products, we are very like. Especially after few times cooperate that usually could offer date from process site. Our products is face to high level market, so process site control is quality control, which is very important.

3) There also have many customers wanna to get our price list, yes, of course you could have this request, but the price list is just for recommend,price would higher, not the finally price.

4) If you are this kind of customer, please be patient to waiting our quotation. We are really busy and no time to quote like so much types. I am used to received a inquiry list with 2000 types, I give up directly.

till to

B) Let us come back to Alan’s situation. Alan contacted me on Whatsapp at 5am Beijing time at that time. I woke up at 7am and replied immediately. Because I was not in the company at that time, I simply submitted a very commonly used insert of WNMG08 to Alan for reference, and explained that I would quote other prices when I come to my office.

Now let’s check the following picture, Alan send a huge quantity that hope we could quote the best price.

To be honest, I wouldn’t quote our best price before haven’t testing our products, just like if I tell you our quality is excellent, you won’t believe before testing it.

But the quantity should mention, truth or not truth that is ok, because we would quote a tiered price for you.

C) There is the most important point for this article, hope you could be patient reading it, it’s worth to read.

I was email the price list for the carbide inserts with detail when I got my office. And I received his reply in the afternoon that like following picture.

In fact, 25% discount, even our cost can’t do like that price. Our company's first quotation for CNC inserts, the discount between 10 pieces and 10,000 pieces will not exceed 10%.

Indeed, there are some suppliers whose price is less than 25% or even 30%. And we also could do like this, just need use the H.C.STARCK material made in Germany change to XIAMEN GOLDEN EGRET material made in China. And CVD coating just use the best IONBOND equipment change to normal IONBOND coating equipment. PVD coating use the BALZERS sintering machine change to CEME CON, then we could give 25% discount too.

Of course, the replacements is not bad, and mostly factories is still use these material and coating equipment, the price easy to accept for the first inquiry and the quality is ok, same time not very huge invest.

There also have some few factories use the scrap material and decorate coating, them price would less 50% compare with our inserts.

If you don’t know the company name for material and coating, never mind, I would tell you a real data from our site:

Carbide inserts: WNMG080408-MM

Grade: JA2520

Workpiece material: stainless steel

Parameter of process: like the picture.

Drawing for workpiece:

Testing result: first angle process 10pcs, and other 5 angles is 36pcs, total with 46 pcs. Z brand is just process 38pcs total. Actually our price is less 8% than Z brand. Same time the chip break and polish is also very good.

The price for our WNMG080408 is USD1.52/PC, an order more than 1000pcs will give a discount. We are willing to explain for the price with spell time, but don’t want to apologize for the quality with whole life.

At present , our negotiation with Alan reached an impasse, and neither side was willing to give in to the price. I suggested Alan to test our quality first, but didn't get any reply.

In fact, such a situation is the most common and the biggest difficult for our Zhuzhou Jat Cemented carbide company. Most of the overseas customers come to China to look for sources of goods just to find cheap goods, but do you  know? There are also a small number of sellers who want to make high-end cemented carbide products of comparable international brand quality. As a matter of fact, as long as customers are willing to try our products, almost all of them will return the order.

Ending, although the article is around the carbide inserts, because we really have a lot of customer to purchase the carbide inserts, but our advantage products also include mining tools, End mill cutters, Titanium carbide roller, tungsten carbide ball, tungsten carbide rod, cermet rod, YD composite rod and tungsten carbide particle, all with best quality for moderate price, if you have interesting please don't hesitate to contact us, that we could choice some customers to testing our products with free. 

The article published by Zhuzhou Jat Cemented Caribde Co., Ltd with original.

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